Our Vision


Casa Hroizonte is a home for children with special needs.  The children come from all parts of Mexico to us through the Government Social Services.  They are placed in facilities like ours for various situations like they are not receiving the care they need from their parents, or they are neglected or abused, among other reasons.  Here the children receive the much needed physical therapy, nutritional meals, education, and most importantly the love and attention of a Christ filled team of people to share the Gospel with them.

We believe that Christians are called to bring love and compassion into a selfish, loveless world.  Jesus called his disciples to love and serve those who would not repay.  God’s love is unconditional but must be received and put into practice.  we have built a Bible college and the 10,000 sq.ft. children’s home for these abandoned, special needs angels.  The college students have as part of their spiritual development, the opportunity to hug and help take care of these precious children!